Skins management

You can manage skins from the Administrator area.

This feature is only available for versions 3.3 or later

Click on "Skins" item on administration screen :

Skins managment screen

The skins management screen lists the used and/or unsued skins of your application.

A "skin in use" is used by at least one site of your application. A unused skin has no site.

Import a skin (.zip)

Clic on "Import ZIP" to import a new skin.

The name of the ZIP file will be that of the skin. If a skin already has that name, you will be prompted to replace the existing skin.

Import a skin from Artisteer

This option is available only if you have the Artisteer plugin

Select on your hard drive the ZIP file generated and exported from Artisteer for Ametys

Export a skin

Select a skin and clic on "ZIP export" to export your skin in ZIP format.

Copy a skin

Select a skin and clic on "Copy" to copy an existing skin. You will be prompted to give a name for the new skin.

Delete a skin

Select a skin and clic on "Delete" to delete it.

You can only delete a unused skin.


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