User preferences (v3.2+)


Since versions 3.2, the CMS handles user preferences.
There are two types of user preferences :

  • user preferences of back-office (for contributors)
  • user preferences of front office (for visitors)

How to add user preferences ?

A user preference is an extension point :

  • For back-office user preferences, the extension point id is org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.userpref.UserPreferencesExtensionPoint
  • For front office user preferences, the extension point id is org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.userpref.UserPreferencesExtensionPoint.FO

It is composed by :

  • a unique id without spaces or special characters
  • a type among string, date, double, long, boolean or password
  • a (i18n) label
  • a (i18n) full description
  • a (i18n) group to classified them
  • a optional order to ordered them
  • a optional widget
  • a optional validator

It is declared in plugin.xml file like the following example:

<extension point="org.ametys.runtime.plugins.core.userpref.UserPreferencesExtensionPoint.FO"
     <param id="lastname" type="string">
         <label i18n="true">USER_PREFS_LASTNAME_LABEL</label>
         <description i18n="true">USER_PREFS_LASTNAME_DESC</description>
         <group i18n="true">USER_PREFS_MY_DETAILS_GROUP</group>
     <param id="birthdate" type="date">
         <label i18n="true">USER_PREFS_BIRTHDATE_LABEL</label>
         <description i18n="true">USER_PREFS_BIRTHDATE_DESC</description>
         <group i18n="true">USER_PREFS_MY_DETAILS_GROUP</group>
     <param id="email" type="string">
          <label i18n="true">USER_PREFS_MAIL_LABEL</label>
          <description i18n="true">USER_PREFS_MAIL_DESC</description>
          <group i18n="true">USER_PREFS_MY_DETAILS_GROUP</group>

How to use BO user preferences ?

in js you can use the following DAO (org.ametys.dao.userpref.UserPrefDAO) to access user preferences.
See jsdoc (to come soon) to use it.

This DAO use a local cache.
Each time a value is asked, it is set in the cache. You may need to resetCache.


Simple use

Get a value (single or multivalued)


Asynchronous use

Get a value (single or multivalued)

function myfunc(value)
     alert("my-user-pref is " + (value || ""));

function myfunc(values)
     var v = "";
     if (values != null)
          for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++)
               v += values[i] + " ";
     alert("my-user-pref is " + v);

org.ametys.dao.userpref.UserPrefDAO.getInstance().getValue("my-user-pref", myfunc);
org.ametys.dao.userpref.UserPrefDAO.getInstance().getValues("my-user-pref", myfunc2);
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