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Icons used in this guide

Some icons are used to alert you about additional informations.

"Important", showed by an exclamation mark, alerts you about important informations about the administration area of Ametys Runtime.

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Targeted public

This manual was written for persons who wants to install a demo to test Ametys 3.0.


If you need some help installing CMS V3, do not hesitate to ask mailing-lists or, and to add your comments and informations to this documentation.


On the website you can download a demo version of Ametys, several installation choices are available to you.

Packaged installer on Windows

After downloading the file ametys-3.X.X.exe on your hard drive, run it by a double click.

Packaged installer on Linux

After downloading the file on your hard drive, add execution rights by the command

chmod u+x

Then run it :


Package to run manually on a computer with java

Check that java is installed on your computer and the environment variable correctly indicated in the path.

In a console, run the command

java -jar

Installation step by step

If the installation process does not detect Java then you will be prompted to specify or download it automatically. We recommend you to download the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment from the Sun website.

1. Choose your language

Ametys for its demonstration v3.0 offers an English version and a French version.

Please select your language from the list.

2. Step 1 of 9 : The installation welcomes you and you must click "Next"

3. Step 2 of 9 : The following information are displayed

4. Step 3 of 9 : You must read and accept the terms of the license agreement

5. Step 4 of 9 : Please enter an installation path, example : C:\utils\Ametys then click "Next"

6. Step 5 of 9 : Select packages to install (keep the default selected packages)

7. Step 6 of 9 : Display of the configuration data

8. Step 7 of 9 : Installation progress

9. Step 8 of 9 : Shortcuts configuration

Please note that on a Windows environment, if you are installing as a non-admin user and if you select "current user", the shortcuts will be set on the admin desktop/menu, which is obviously not what you want.
This is a known limitation of our installer.
As a workaround, you may choose the "all users" option.

10. Step 9 of 9 : End of the installation

Application startup

Start the application by double clicking on the shortcut that can be found on the desktop or in the menu.

11. A console and an help page are displayed

When the message "Started SelectChannelConnector@" is displayed, that means the application is started.

In the web browser, enter the url : http://localhost:8080 (the port 8080 must be free).

12. Connect to the cms

Choose a user among the list of default user depending on the expected rights:

  1. User with contributor rights on all pages contrib/contrib
  2. User with contributor and publication rights on all pages manager/manager
  3. User with extended contribution and webmastering rights webmaster/webmaster
  4. User with extended rights and debug features admin/admin

13. Welcome to Ametys v3 demo

During your use of the application you need to keep the console open.

Application stop

To stop the application, enter Ctrl + C in the console.

On windows console you must have to confirm by O.


On linux console, shutdown by Ctrl + C.


To uninstall the application under windows, open the control panel "Add or Remove Programs" and select "Ametys V3" and click "Delete".

@TODO uninstaller linux

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