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The dashboard is your TODO list on contents : recently modified contents, contents awaiting proposition, contents awaiting validation, ...

All contents waiting for an action of contributor are listed in the dashboard screen.

This extention will be only available with 3.2 release.


User manual

Dashboard tool in CMS back-office

Click on "Dashboard" button of Home tab to open the dashboard tool.

Click the listed content(s) provides quick access to the available actions to them.

For example, in only twice clicks, you can validate all your contents awaiting validation by selecting them from the screen and clicking the Validate button

The following text only concerns the administrators of the application

The dashboard screen depends on the WEB-INF/params/todolist.xml file of your application.

This file is configurable and contains the tasks you want to see in the dashboard screen :

    <tasks allowUserQuery="false">
        <!-- Here the list of tasks -->

For a CMS application with 3 workflow steps : 1. Draft, 2. Proposed, 3. Validated :

  • to see the 5last modified contents, regardless of the workflow step in which they are, add the following task :

    <task label="plugin.web:TODO_LIST_TASK_LATEST_DRAFTS" id="recent-drafts" length="5">
       <step id="1, 2, 3" userContents="true"/>
  • to see all contents in draft step, pending proposal by the contributor with convenient right, add the following task :

    <task label="plugin.web:TODO_LIST_TASK_PROPOSE" id="to-propose">
        <step id="1" rights="Workflow_Rights_Propose"/>
  • to see all contents in proposed step, pending validation by the contributor with convenient right, add the following task :

    <task label="plugin.web:TODO_LIST_TASK_VALIDATE" id="to-validate">
        <step id="2" rights="Workflow_Rights_Validate"/>

Dashboard in ESUP portal

The plugin dashboard provides a HTML view of the dashboard to be used in a frame.

Use the iframe portlet with url http://\[CMS_SERVER\]/plugins/dashboard/dashboard.html to add dashboard in your ESUP portal.

Installation and download



  • Add the plugin JAR in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Ametys application.
  • Add the dashboard tool button in your cms-ribbon-.xml* files

    <control id="org.ametys.dashboard.Tool"/>
  • To open the dashboard at the first access, add it in the <default> section of the cms-uitool-default.xmlfile :

       <uitool-factory id="uitool-sitemap"/>
       <uitool-factory id="uitool-help"/>
       <uitool-factory id="uitool-dashboard"/>
  • Restart the server


You may want to override the HTML rendering of dashboard for ESUP portal.
You can do this by overriding the XSL in WEB-INF/param/stylesheets/plugins/dashboard/pages/dashboard.xsl

To simply override the css stylesheets used, do like following :

<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"

    <xsl:import href="plugin:dashboard://pages/dashboard.xsl"/>

    <xsl:template name="head-css">
         <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$contextPath}/skins/MYSKIN/resources/css/esup-iframe.css" />


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