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Plugin SkinEditor
Extension to edit the resources of yours skins


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This extension allows to edit the skin resources : XSL templates, CSS stylesheets, images, ...

Requirements : CSS, XHTML, XSL

Features :

  • pleasant online editors with syntax highlighting
  • preview mode
  • revert all changes


User manual

Skin editor tool

To access the Skin editor tool, click on Skin editor button (may be in Developer tab)

In dialog box, then choose the skin you want to edit among the proposed list. The listed skins depend on your rights.

This action creates a copy of the skin selected. If the skin is already being edited, this is the version that will be open.

The skin editor tool is opened on left side. You can see all resources of the skin.

Skin editor toolbar


Apply all changes. Overwrite the skin's files in production by those edited.
The changes will be visibles on online web site(s).

Cancel changes

Revert all changes : reset all files with those of the current skin.
The modifications are lost


Preview the modifications : preview in a new window the whole site with modifications

Be careful using the Go-live action. The changes will be applied on all sites using the edited skin.
Make sure you have checked all of the changes with the preview before doing this action.

Only one instance of a skin can be edited. All users work on the same copy. A new copy of the skin will only be created after a Go-live or a Cancel changes action.

If you quit the skin editor tool, your changes are not lost. You can back to the edited skin later.

Skin resources

The skin editor is a classic document explorer. You can :

  • create, rename or delete folders
  • creates, rename, delete or download files

Edit files

To edit a file, select it in the resources tree and click on Open button, or doucle-click on it.
This action open the file in edition on center area.

You can save or cancel your modification.


A backup of the skin is created after each Go-live action.

The backup is stored in WEB-INF/data/skins.back directory.

Installation and download



SkinEditor 1.0.0 depends on codemirror 0.80

SkinEditor 1.1.0 depends on codemirror 0.92


  • Add the plugin JAR in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Ametys application.
  • In the WEB-INF/param/cms-ribbon.xml file, you have to add the buttons and contextual tab related to skin editor.
<control id="org.ametys.skineditor.tool.SkinEditorTool"/>

If you want to install this on Ametys 3.0, you have to replace the <import> command by the content of the file (import directive was not existing).


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