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Plugin Survey
This extension provides tool to create online surveys


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The Survey plug-in allows you to create online surveys for yours visitors with free text, single ou multiple choices and matrix questions.

The survey data are graphically displayed on a dedicated tool and can be exported to Excel format.

This extention will be only available with 3.3 or later releases.


User manual

Create surveys

Click on "Online surveys" button on Home tab to open the survey tool. This tool allows you to create / edit or delete yours surveys.

Step 1: new survey

1. First select a language in the drop down list in the top of the tool.

2. Click on New survey button to create a new survey. A dialog box is opening with the following fields  :

  • short name : the short name is only used to name your survey. It is not displayed to visitors.
  • title : the title of the survey (optional)
  • start message : a optional message to introduce your survey. It will be displayed to the visitor before the start survey button
  • ending message : a optional message to finish your survey (optional). It will be displayed to the visitor before submit the survey.
  • private : check this case for a private survey. A private survey will be only available on invitation.

Step 2: redirect page (optional)

You can defined a page in sitemap to redirect participant after submit the survey. By default the participant is redirect to an auto-generated page.

Click on Redirect page button to selected a page of redirection in site map.

Step 3: pages of survey

A survey is composed by one or more pages. Click on New page button to add page.
A dialog box is opening with the following fields :

  • short name : the short name is only used to name the page. It is not displayed to visitors
  • title : a optional title to display on the top of the page
  • note or header : a optional message to display on the top of the page, before the page's question

Step 4: questions

4. Add the question on your pages. There is three types of questions :

Free text question

Click on Simple text button to add a free text question. A free text question is used to let your visitors enter a free text (name, email address, comments, ...).

Check Multi-line checkbox for a multi-line free text.

On single line input text, you can choose a validation rule : integer, decimal, email or phone.

Single or multiple choices question

Click on Choice list button to add a list of choice.

Your list can allow a single or multiple selection :

  • a single choice gives rise to radio buttons
  • a multiple choice gives rise to checkbox

Matrix question

A matrix question is a set of questions that share answer choices. A matrix question is arranged like a table with questions on rows and answer choices on columns.

A matrix can allow one answer per row to restrict the participant to one response per question, or multiple answers per row to let the participant select multiple answers for each question (checkbox)

Branch logic

Skip logic allows to base the next survey questions on answers given by the participant.

Click on Branches button on a page to define branch logic on a page.

Rules are defined on question of type single or multiple choice.

The logic rules are processed in order top to bottom: this is the first rule that matches a user response that will be applied.

Unconditional jump allows to jump to a page or finish the survey at the end of the page, if no rule match.

Invitations to answer a survey

On a private survey, your visitors will be authorized to answer only on invitation.

Make your survey private by checking the "private" checkbox :

Clic on "Invitation" button to send email invitations.

First select or import the invited users

Then click on "Send an invitation e-mail" to send your invitation. You can personalized the mail body :



In survey tree, double-click on a survey or click on Preview button to preview the survey.

Publish survey

To publish your survey on your web site, you need to add a service. Go to Add service menu and choose the "Display a survey" item to insert the survey on your web page.

In service parameters, choose the survey to insert :

View and export the survey results

Click on Statistics button to see statistics on data results of your survey.

The data results are shown in tables with graphs.

Click on Export user anwser button to export this results in Excel format.

Installation and download


Installation / Integration

  • Add the plugin JAR in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Ametys application.
  • Add the survey tool button in your cms-ribbon-*.xmlfiles

    <control id="org.ametys.survey.SurveyTool"/>
  • Restart the server
  • Add the right to manage surveys to users


Plugin version



Ametys 3.0.x



Ametys 3.1.x



Ametys 3.2.x



Ametys 3.3.x

Ametys 3.4.x 

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