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Plugin UGC (User-Generated Content)
The extension offers the opportunity for visitors to suggest your contents.
This extension includes a tool for moderating the proposed contents


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User manual

Insertion of the form to suggest content

Form allowing visitors to suggest content is in a specific service. 

Select the area of your page where you want to add this form.

Go to the menu "Add service" and choose " Content proposal" item.

Service's parameters


The service title.
Leave empty if you do not want any title.

Content width

Width of the rich text field in editing pop-up.
By default the width is set to 500 pixels.

DisplaySelect the view to use for the service

Suggest a content (visitor action)

Thanks to the form of service, visitors of site (authenticated or not), will have the opportunity to submit new content.

The visitor have to fill his name and email address. He may choose not to show  his email address on the site.

The form is protected by a captcha.

To write his content, the visitor clicks on "Write the contents"

A window opens allowing him to write its contents. The visitor takes advantage of features of the CMS Editor: inserting images, links, headings, paragraph styles, ...


When finish,  the visitor clicks on "Save and Close" to close the edition popup and return to the form.

Visitor can return to editing the content at any time by clicking again on "Edit the contents". A preview of the content is displayed in the form.

Then, the visitor can submit the form to send his content.

At form submission:

  • the visitor receives an email acknowledgment      
  • the site administrator receives an email notification

Management of content provided by visitors

In back-office, a tool allows contributors to see and manage contents suggested by visitors

Click on "User Generated Content" button on Home tab to open the tool.

The tool classifies contents according two categories:

  • the contents being created or whose creation was avorted: it may be content being written by a visitor or content that have been edited by a visitor without form submission was completed). If the modification date is before than the current day (or the current hour), these contents can be deleted. These contents can not be accepted.     
  • the proposed contents: all contents suggested by the visitors and not yet treated.

For the contents of the second category, two options are possible: accept or reject the proposed content.

Accept a proposed content

To accept a content, select content and click to "Approve".

A dialog box opens prompting you to configure the integration of this content in your site:

  • Content type : choice of content type (news, article, ad, ...) to create from this suggestion 
  • 3 options of insertion: 
    • Insert the content into a new page. This option creates a new page, under a parent page to select the site map, in which will be integrated the content. The page will be named with the title of the content created.          
    • Insert into an existing page, following other contents and / or services already contained in this page
    • No insertion: the content is created but will not be assigned to a page. It is an orphan content.

Once this dialog is validated, you are redirected to the created content. You can then modify or validate it as any other contents.

At content validation, an email is sent to the visitor who submitted this content to notity him of the validation of his content.

Accepted content no longer appears in the tool.

Reject a proposed content

To reject the content, select content and click to "Reject" button.

When refused, the content is removed. You can choose to notify the author of this deletion, telling the reason for rejection. The possible reasons for rejection are:

  • content that violates the site's editorial charter   
  • content for advertising
  • unsolicited content
  • other

A refused content no longer appears in tool. 

Find the accepted content provided by visitors 

From "User hey -generated content" tool, click on "Search accepted contents" to retrieve the contents of the site from a suggestion of a visitor.


Installation and download




  • Add the plugin JAR and its dependencies in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your Ametys application


  • Edit the WEB-INF/params/workflows.xml file to add a reference to the new workflow

    <workflow name="ugc" type="file" location="workflow-ugc.xml"/>
  • Add the button to access to UGC tool, in ribbon configuration file WEB-INF/params/cms-ribbon-default.xml. It is advided to add it in Home tab, in "Advanced tool" section.

    <control id="org.ametys.plugins.ugc.Search"/>

    Also import in this file the contextual tab related to UGC

  • Restart the server


When you restart the application, a new configuration parameter will be required for each site. This is the email address to be notified for each new suggestion.


Two new rights are related to this extension:

  • right to handle UGC contents : provides access to the moderation tool of content provided by visitors     
  • right to insert the service "Content proposal (UGC)"

Assign these new rights to your administrator or webmasters of the site.


Plugin version


Ametys 3.4.x


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