You can add attachments to a each page or content. An attachement is a downloadable file (document, images, videos, ...).

The attachments can be organized with directories and sub directories as a classic document explorer.

The following features are supported :

  • create, rename and delete directories;
  • add, rename, update and delete document;
  • move by drag and drop documents or directories
  • index PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XML and PPT attachments for search
  • in edition, insert links towards attachment of the editing content
  • service to display the attachment of a page

Page attachments

To add attachment to your page :

1. Select your page (open it or select it in the sitemap tool)

2. Click on "Attachment" button on "Page" tab

This opens the "Attachments" tool. The page attachments are presented as a document explorer.

3. Select a folder or root attachment and use the ribbon action to add/delete/rename/download folders or files

The page attachments can be display on a service. See the page attachments service

Content attachments

The content attachments can be added only during content edition.

1. In edition, click on "Link to an attachment" in "Link" menu :

2. On dialog box, select the attachment to link to, or click on bottom link to add a new attachment:

The inserted link will be displayed as a download link

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