Broken links

The Ametys CMS provides tools to manage links that do not work in your contents

  • detection of broken or dead links : missing images, links toward deleted pages or resources, ...
  • highlight broken links and missing images in contents
  • automatic checking all nights and email report if broken links were detected (since 3.2 version)
  • quick access to all contents with broken or dead links (since 3.2 version)

Broken links on content

On each content, you can open the broken link tool by clicking on button Broken link of Content tab.

The button icon give you information on links of the selected content :

All images and links are corrects

The content contains some broken links or missing images

All images and links are corrects but the links to external sites were not checked because this is a long process.
You can test them by clicking on button

In tool all links and images of content are listed. Each link has a icon representing is state :

The link is correct

The link is broken

The state of the link can not be determined.
This problem may occur when linking a secure web site with an invalid certificate or from an external link that do not starts with 'http://', 'https://' or 'mailto:'

On content, the dead links and missing images are highlighted in red :

Global check (for versions 3.2+)

All links are checked once a day, to a hour chosen by the administrator of the application. As this is a long process, to not decrease performance, it is adviced to choose the hour of checking at the middle of the night.

Email report

Each report sends a mail to convenient users if broken links are detected.

Subject: [SITE] Broken links were detected
3 contents with broken links were detected during the last checking on 01/04/2011 at 2:00 am :
- Ut aliquam ornare cursus. : 1 broken links
- Clubs and organizations : 2 broken links
- Learn more about students : 1 broken links
To access the latest report, click on the link below or copy it into the address bar of your browser :

Global tool

On CMS, click on Broken link of Home tab to see the last report.

This open a tool listing all contents with broken links.

Click on a content to see details on its links and correct them.

Manual checking

You can start a manual checking by cliking on Start checking button when tool is opened.

This generates a new report.

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