Inline Editor

The inline editor allows to:

  • Format content: the level of titles, paragraph styles (strong, italic, ...), list styles, alignment
  • Insert images from hard drive or resource explorer and apply them particular styles
  • Insert external, internal or dowloading links
  • Insert tables and modify style and properties
  • Insert special characters (symbols)
  • Insert HTML code (image map, map, video ...). See HTML Expert
  • Insert data from a external SQL or LDAP source. See Plugin Data Inclusion
  • Insert forms. See Plugin Forms
  • Insert the latest publications

Titles and paragraph styles

To apply style to a paragraph, select it and choose a style in the list.
The list of available styles depends on skin of the site.

Sample of list :

  • Title 1
  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Subtitle
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Normal
  • Paragraph without spaces
  • Paragraph important
  • Paragraph secondary

The basic styles are provided: bold, italic, left align, right align, center, justify


Select your content and click the list style to apply a style:

  • The different styles of bullets:


  • The different styles of numbered lists:


It is possible to indent lists with the buttons to the right indentation styles.


To add a table, select the number of rows and columns by the following tool:

The size of the table, cells, merge and split, layout (float left, float right) of the table are managed on the "Advanced" tab:

Table settings :

  • Set the header row or column header
  • Choose between different styles of tables
    • Simple table: Normal and No border
    • Styled table : Light, Normal and Dark
  • Add / delete rows / columns
  • Delete table
  • Add caption and summary
  • Set the alignment of content in the cell


Two types of images can be inserted into a content:

  • A local picture : uploaded from the hard drive
  • A shared image: pick up from resource explorer

If the second option is chosen, a dialog box will allow you to selected the image to insert from resource explorer tree.

You can insert a new image on resource explorer directement in this dialog  by clicking on the bottom link "Click here to insert a new file in selected directory".

Image settings

By clicking on the picture, the tab "Image" appears in the ribbon, it is then possible to edit various settings.
It is possible to assign different styles to the image:

  • Image style
    • Normal
    • No border
    • Frame** Large frame
  • Layout : float left, float right, none
  • Caption
  • Alternative text
  • Dimension (height and width). If an image is resized, the proportion will be kept.


4 types of links are availbles in a content:

  • Link to a page in the cms
  • Link to an external page (http://...)
  • Link to a content attachment
  • Link to a shared file (from the resources explorer)

Link to a page managed by Ametys

Simply select a page in the sitemap :

The link to the page will appear without style.

Link to an external page

Enter the URL of the page link.

The default style of this link is an arrow outwards.

Link to an attachment

To allow the user to download a file from the page, it must create a link to an content attachment (and a page attachement). To do this, select a file in the attachments of the content. It is possible to add more by clicking "Click here to insert a new file in selected directory".

Link to a shared file

It is possible to add a link to a file in the resources explorer.

Styles links

Select the link, a new tab appears that allows you to:

  • Update the style link
  • Open the link
  • Delete it
  • Add an alternative
  • Select to open in a new window

The styles of the various elements in paragraphs, titles, bulleted and numbered lists can be customized by the skin of your website.


Special characters can be added to the content by the popup symbol

Insert last publications

The latest publications can be insert to the content.

1. Search last content to insert by the first assistant form.

2. Select content(s) in the list of search results

       3. The selected contentsare inserted in their abstract view

The form takes different parameters :

  • title of the content
  • content type  : Article, News, Photo gallery, Newsletter..
  • validation date (before, after)
  • tags
  • page
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