Create a page

Create a new page

To create a page, follow the steps below :

Step 1:  Open the sitemap tool

Step 2: Select the page to which you want to add a sub page

Step 3: Click on "New page" button.

Step 5: Give a title to your page

In the opening dialog box, choose a short title for your page. The given title will be used for the page URL and for elements of navigation (menus, breadcrumb, ...).

You can optionally enter a long title, used on the page it self. If empty, the short title will be used.

Validate page creation by clicking on 'Finish' button.

Your page is now created. It will be automatically opened on the center of the application

Type of page

There is 3 types of pages :

  • blank page: a blank page is empty and will not be displayed on live website. It is only a container page. A link on this type of page will redirect on its first child page. This is the default type
  • fowarding page : a such page is used to make a redirection on another target page. The target can be an external page (http://....) or an internal page (a page managed by Ametys back-office)
  • template page : a such page is used to insert contents and/or services. This is the common type of page

Create a blank page

This is the default type. You have nothing to do.

Create a fowarding page

Go to "Fowarding page" menu and choose to foward to a Ametys page or a external page.

For an external page, enter the page url (http://...)

For an internal page, select in the dialog box the site, language and then the page to redirect to.

Create a template page

Go to the template menu to choose the template to affect to your page

Now, you have a page with one or more areas according to the template choosen

In each area it is possible to add on or more content and / or  services.

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