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    1. Insert a file
    2. Rename a folder or a file
    3. See and restore an old version of a file
    4. Add CMIS repository (for version 3.2+)
    5. Affect rights on resources


You can store in resources explorer all the resources you want to shared.

A resource is a document (image, pdf, doc or any other media file).

The resources are organised on folders and sub folders as in a classic document explorer.


  • add, rename or delete a folder
  • add, update, rename or delete a resource
  • download resources
  • insert and unzip a zip file
  • view history of versions on resources and restore an old version
  • move folders/files by drag&drop
  • rights on folders
  • easily insert a link to a shared resource in your content
  • easily insert a shared image or flash in your content
  • add a CMIS repository (for versions 3.2+)

User Manual

To access the resource explorer click on the button "Resources explorer" on Home tab.

This opens the "File explorer" tool.

Select a folder or a file to do action on it.

The available actions on ribbon depend on your rights. See Affect rights on resources

Insert a file

Select the parent folder and click on "New file" button.
Select on your hard drive the file to upload.

If a file with the same name already exist on the folder,
you have to choose between:
- replace the existing file by this new file (a new version will be created)
- add and rename the file (the filename will be renammed like "FileName-2.ext"

If the upload a ZIP file, you can choose to unzip it.
This will create the all folders and files contained in zip file

Rename a folder or a file

You can rename a folder or a file on click twice on its name on the tree.
Press enter to validate the new name.
Press ESC key to cancel the name edition

See and restore an old version of a file

To each file update, a new version of the file is created.

Select the file in the tree.
Click on "History" button.
The all file versions are list in the dialog box.
Click on download icon to see the old version
Click on restore icon to restore the old version

Add CMIS repository (for version 3.2+)

Since versions 3.2, you can add a remote CMIS repository (such as Alfresco or Nuxeo) as a new folder.

Click on button Server CMIS to add a new connection to a CMIS server under the folder of your choice, and fill the dialog box inputs :

  • Name : the name of the new folder
  • URL : Url of the AtomPub service of your CMIS server
  • Repository id : if you know the repository id you can enter it here, else the first available repository at the endpoint will be used
  • Username : the user login to connect to CMIS server
  • Password: the user password to connect to CMIS server

The CMIS tree appears in your explorer tree as a subtree. The remote CMIS folders and files can not be edited or deleted.

You can now add in your contents images or files coming from your remote CMIS server.

Affect rights on resources

This section is for adminsitrator or webmaster of your CMS application

There are 6 rights on resource explorer :

  • create a folder
  • rename a folder
  • delete a folder
  • add a file
  • rename a file
  • delete a file

You can affect these rights to contributors to restrict access on some folders.

1. On Resource tab, click on Rights on resources button

2. On Resource Explorer tool, select the folder you want to affect rights on

3. On Right on resources tool, select the profile you want to affect (assumed the profile has the rights mentioned above)

4. Then click on Add profile to user or Add profile to group and choose the user(s) or group(s)

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