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Search tool

In back-office, the search tool allows you to search for contents.

Click on Search button on Home page to open the Search tool.


Search criteria

The search offers multiple criterias

  • Title : to search contents by title
  • Author : to search contents by author login
  • Content type (article, news...) : to restrict search to a type of content
  • Last modification dates (interval): to search for content modify between two dates
  • Workflow step : to restrict search to a workflow step (ex: validated contents)
  • Tag(s): to restrict search to contents taggued with specified tags
  • Page : to restrict search to a sitemap subtree


Click on Search button to launch search. If the search is too long, you can cancel the search by clicking on Cancel button.

Click on Export button to export results in XLS format.


The search results are listed in table with pagination.


You can choose to hide or show more columns by right clic on a column.


You can sort the result by each column.

Search contents of others sites (version 3.3 or later)

Search tool for versions 3.3 or later offers to search for contents of others sites :

image2011-12-15 16:44:6.png

Only sites the user has right to "See contents" are listed.

The contents of foreign sites are in read-only.

image2011-12-15 17:7:52.png

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