Tabs policy

This feature is only available for versions 3.2.1 or later


In CMS applications, there are three kinds of tabs :

  • the tools such as Search, Help, Sitemap, Broken links ...
  • the pages
  • the contents

Since 3.2.1 versions, each type of tabs is colored :

  • grey for tools,
  • yellow for pages,
  • red for contents.

Tab policy

In your preferences you can choose the organization of central tabs among three options.

  • one tab per color:
    This option opens one tab per color : one grey tab for tools, one yellow tab for pages and one red tab for contents. Use this options to have a minimum of opened tabs
  • one tab per tool:
    This option opens one tab for each tools and one tab for all pages and one tab for all contents
  • several tabs per tools:
    This option opens many tabs as necessary. This option allows to have many opened pages and many opened contents. This is the default one.

To open your preferences, go to Ametys button on top left and click on "Preferences"

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